Specialist services

Specialised services for farms in Bundaberg

Aside from large residential and commercial farms throughout Bundaberg, our Sunfam experts are also able to offer specialist advice and services to smaller and more specialised farms across QLD.

If you own, run or manage a specialised farm anywhere in Bundaberg or QLD, contact our friendly team for experienced advice and solutions you can count on.


Running any farm is a challenge in the harsh Australian climate, let alone a successful macadamia farm. Let Sunfam take the guesswork out of a successful crop with our specialised macadamia farming services.

Our agronomists can assess your soil, plants and crops to provide an analysis of what can be improved. We also make use of the latest agritech to compile detailed analytics that will let you easily understand the status of your crops.

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Macadamia — Agricultural Solutions in Bundaberg, QLD


One of Queensland’s biggest farming products, cane farms are a common site throughout the region. Here at Sunfam, we have developed specific tools and strategies to improve the output of your cane fields and reduce your workload at the same time.

By making use of the latest agritech and irrigation technology, we will ensure your crops get the exact amount of water they need. We can also provide agritech that will compile detailed reports that give you a complete analysis of growth rates, expected yields and more.

Want an expert agronomist to advise you on ways to improve your cane farm? Contact our team today to get started.

Cane — Agricultural Solutions in Bundaberg, QLD

Small Crops

Aside from large commercial and industrial farms, we also cater to small farms and crops throughout Bundaberg and QLD. We have a huge range of affordable products available, including slashers, pumps and spray equipment, and we specialise in designing and installing cutting-edge irrigation systems that make keeping your crops watered simple.

No matter the size, our agronomists can create a solution to suit your needs. Contact us to find out more today.

Small Crops — Agricultural Solutions in Bundaberg, QLD