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The backbone of any irrigation system, a quality pump will help keep your water flowing for many years. At Sunfam, we have more than just irrigation pumps however, we also stock a variety of pumps that are designed for:

With so many pumps to choose from, ensuring you get the right one can be tricky. That’s where our experienced team comes in. We’ll use our experience and product knowledge to ensure you get the best pump for your needs.

For more information on our range, contact our Bundaberg store today.


There are a number of different types of irrigation pumps available at our Bundaberg store. Our agronomists design irrigation systems that are best suited to your unique needs.

Some commonly used pumps include:

While we have many options available, our experts know the ins and outs of every pump we sell, meaning we can guarantee you’re getting the best product for your irrigation system.

To get the best pump for your needs, contact Sunfam in Bundaberg today.

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Davey Pumps

Davey pumps are some of the best on the market. We are proud to offer a huge variety of their products at very competitive prices. These high-quality pumps are a favourite for many farmers and commercial property owners throughout Bundaberg.

We stock pumps that are suited for single storey or 2-storey homes as well as pumps that can ensure your irrigation system waters your crops efficiently and on time.

Getting the right pump for your needs is made easy with our Davey range. Contact us or come down to our Bundaberg store to find out more.

Davey Pump


Fire is common issue here in Australia and keeping your crops safe is a priority. At Sunfam, we carry a range of pumps that are specifically designed to make fighting fires on your property easier.

Our experienced team can also handle all aspects of repairing and maintaining your firefighting hoses and pumps. We even provide regular maintenance to local Council and firefighting department equipment.

For more information on our range of firefighting pumps and how they can help, call our store and speak to our friendly team today.

Fire Fighting