Liquid & granular lawn fertiliser for Bundaberg locals

Good lawn care is more than just mowing and a bit of water. Regular fertilisation is the best way to ensure your grass grows green and healthy. Here at Sunfam, we stock a great selection of liquid and granular fertilisers that will help you take care of your lawn or garden.

Not sure which fertiliser is right for you? Keep reading below to get more information or contact our experienced team today.


Granular fertiliser is fantastic for providing a slow, consistent dose of nutrients over a long period. Plants take in nutrients as a liquid, so the granular fertiliser needs to break down before the plants can consume it. This slows the process down, providing a consistent source of nutrients for about 8 weeks.

This style of fertiliser is usually better value for money unless you’re after instantaneous results.

Granular — Agricultural Solutions in Bundaberg, QLD


Liquid fertiliser is a great choice if you’re looking for quick, instant results in a targeted area. Because it is already a liquid, this fertiliser can be instantly absorbed by the plant, letting it take affect almost instantly.

This is a great choice for quick lawn or garden touch-ups, or to help reduce heat stress during those hot summer months.

Liquid Fertilisers