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Here at Sunfam, we believe in furthering our knowledge of all things farming and agriculture. Which is why some of our staff have undergone a Masters of Agronomy degree. This enables us to provide the best service to all of our clients in Bundaberg and surrounds.

Making use of the latest agritech technology, we are making it even easier to go from paddock to plate. On top of that, we were also the first in the industry to use, sell and recommend sap flow meters for irrigation.

We are dedicated to being on the leading-edge of all smart farming practices. For more information, contact our office today.


When it comes to getting the best results for your farm, we recommend contacting our team to talk about the benefits of the latest agritech. Our agronomists utilise their knowledge and experience to find the latest equipment and technologies that can improve your crop yields and reduce your workload.

At Sunfam, we believe some of the best uses for the latest agritech technology can be found in intelligent irrigation design. Our experienced team will work with you to design a system that will provide the best results for your property.

Our agronomy experts will assess your farm and provide a quote on a tailored solution that we believe is the best option for you. We also have agritech products and services outside of irrigation and are more than happy to work with you regarding any aspect of your farm. Contact our experienced team today to get a quote on some of the leading agritech in Bundaberg.

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Sap Flow Meters

For the best plant water management you can get, talk to our friendly team about the benefits of Sap Flow Meters. Making use of internal heat, these devices are able to measure sap flow, including zero flow and reverse flows, allowing you to get a detailed understanding of the water consumption of your plants.

These devices compile simple to understand reports and present you all the information you’ll need to optimise your fruit or plant production. We’re also more than happy to walk you through using your new Sap Flow Meter, to ensure there’s no info overload.

Whether it’s for measuring your trees’ water usage or you want to optimise your fruit production, a Sap Flow Meter is one of the best ways you can monitor and irrigate your farm. Contact the Sunfam team today to find out more.